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Donald Deej Sweeting

I'm an ambitious person who is constantly looking to improve my mind and body. I started lifting weights as a teenager to help with my self esteem and allow me to control my own narrative. I'm now in my thirties with two teenager sons & an infant daughter, the most compassionate fiancé, & a house full of animals so having the opportunity to focus on fitness full time has been a dream come true.

My daughter was born in 2019, I wanted to show her that you can achieve anything you want with enough time and effort so I set myself the challenge to become a natural bodybuilder.

 I've always admired the sport as I believe it is the personification of self mastery, to push your body to the limits to see when you're made of

& I lead by example.

In 2021 I placed third in the 2Bros Pro - Naturals Classic competition & I intend to keep getting better.

I am able to compete at this level by finding a balance between fitness, family, & my business, so now I can teach my clients how to achieve their dream physique and the same balance.


To me, getting in shape isn't a punishment.

On my worst days I know how hard it is to push myself to the gym but those are the times I know it is most important to go. I have learned to have the mental fortitude, not just in developing a healthy habit, but to find the will to keep pushing through. I would love to be able to help you achieve this too.

With over 4000 hours of face to face personal training experience, I have now transitioned into online coaching to reach even more people. 

My training regime has been developed through working with people from all walks of life, enabling me to adapt my program to new clients so we will be fully prepared to get the results you're looking for!

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